На озере Комо, в городке Тремеццо, мы продаем виллу с большим садом и бассейном под открытым небом, с пешеходным входом, с частной автономной подъездной дорогой.

Вилла расположена в центральной части города Тремеццо, за элитными монументальными комплексами Villa Pirelli и Villa Sola Cabiati, в привилегированном положении, откуда открывается очаровательный вид на озеро Комо.

Жилые помещения находятся на первом этаже, а вспомогательные помещения, такие как гараж, прачечная, погреб и таверна, находятся в подвальном этаже .  

Tremezzo Villa indipendente con giardino e piscina scoperta, ingresso pedonale e carraio privato ed autonomo;

Como lakeTremezzo Independent villa with garden and outdoor swimming pool, pedestrian entrance and private and autonomous driveway;

We have been operating and serving our clients in the Como Lake region since 2005. Our customer support and listen to our client’s needs form the basis of operation and management style. We pride ourselves with the repeat business and referrals we have been enjoying and prospering from. Our strong and experienced team members have been coordinating and supporting real estate transactions and meeting our client’s requirements from a simple inquiry all the way towards a successful and rewarding transaction. Our mission and objectives are simple and blend in with today’s needs of our clients: We adopt a transparent and honest approach with our clients. The clients lead the way in detailing their requirements and we take on the task of meeting the request within their budget and specified time frame. Our team is highly motivated and driven to deliver ideas, options and solutions. Our approach dissipates the concerns and constraints of buying and selling a real estate property. We travel the journey with our clients and tend to invest our vast and effective network to bring people together towards a positive outcome. We dream, plan, think and implement with our clients.


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